December updates!!

Wassup ya cunts?! Adrian here!! Just going to get right into it. 😂

My previous sponsored child has moved in with relatives. It's been really tough news to receive, however, my belief is that he must be doing really well in order to be moving in with family. It's been hard as It was just World Vision letting me know of the circumstances with a letter. It scared me. But he's ok. He will absolutely be forever in my heart! I've sponsored a new little guy through World Vision, and i'm really excited to write with him! I look forwarding to helping benefit the life of my new little guy, who is also from the same Continent!

I really do look forward to sharing updates on his life!

Here's he is!!

Currently working my ass off trying to get this website up and running, and looking somewhat decent!

I've been really busy with life/been researching my head off, (#Infobesity)

I really look forward to connecting with as many of you as I can!!

Will be trying to fit more blogs/updates here!!


PS. HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE WORLD FOOD PRIZE? -Get your thinking hats on!!

What updates do you have to share?! Anything weird and Exciting?!

I'd love to hear them!! Reply in the comments or hit 'Contact'/Click here!

Okay, enough with this post.. I NEED BONG TOKES AND FOOD!!


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