Lastnight I watched Bridge To Terabithia..

I was trying to find something on Disneyplus to watch, in hopes It would alleviate my migraine and help me sleep. I couldn't imagine that I would be so engrossed in the flick! I really do wish there was a second one..

I REALLY don't want to give you any spoilers, I found it very entertaining. I'm mentally adding it to my favourite movies! A young boy befriends a new girl at school, and end up creating unimaginable adventures together. Look no further than Bridge to Terabithia! (Link opens in Disneyplus)

Check out the trailer here!

(You're able to watch this trailer on Disneyplus without signing in.)

Also, if and when you choose to watch this, viewer discretion is advised.

Don't look up spoilers.

Do you have any favourite movies? If so, list as many as you can think of below in the comments!! :)


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